January 18, 2018, 9:03 am


Hello Radhey,
We had a great time, due largely to the organization and support from both yourself and Amar tours. Our arrival was a propitious occasion as we were the first plane to land on the new runway (subsequently closed several times during the next week because of problems!). So we were welcomed by fire engines spraying the plane to say hello, and as well by beautiful Indian women dabbing or foreheads with red dye as we came into the arrivals, then I was interviewed by an Indian TV station to comment on the occasion. I never did see if my face and eloquent words made it to the news that night! I certainly did not look my best after the flight from London, so perhaps that was for the best. I could spend a week there in the cooler months, and apparently one Australian stayed there for 3 months!
Yours Aye,
Popp & Bowden, Australia

Dear Mr. Radhey Gupta
Thank you for your cooperation. Your service was as expected very good. The bus and the driver were always on time. Mr. Sunil was very helpful.
Best regards
Justyna Wisniewska

Dear Friends,
Both Annie and I wish to thank each and every one of you for a most memorable journey and travelling experience during our visit to India. Thank you all so very much. Every place at which we stayed we could not have asked for more and all your family and wonderful staff. Special mention must also be made of our guides, Harry in New Delhi, Arif in Agra and Mahaveer in Jaipur. Those guys were just great. Not only were they punctual, but all of them were always there early. We made sure that we were never late, and were always there at least ten minutes before the appointed time, but they were always there ahead of us. Great work and wonderful public relations. Their manners, knowledge and charming courtesy left nothing to be desired. They deserve more money! If you doubt this, just ask them! Saving the best till last, is our wonderful driver and friend Billy Kumar. What a delightful young man he is! Nothing was a trouble for him, and he just anticipated everything as if by telepathy. There are many things we felt sad about leaving in India. The Taj Mahal will stay with us for many years, but I reckon that Billy will stay with us forever. Our comments. Great tour. Extremely well organised and faultlessly executed. Do we recommend the same for others? Certainly do!
Best wishes, 
Annie and Neil Whybrow,


Dear Radhey!
Thanking you for so wonderful trip, it was really great journey. Everybody from the group was happy and I hope that we will have more requests for Tamil Nadu and Kerala destinations. Personally thanks to Sanyog, I was glad to meet him, he is very kind, well-bred and clever person and he supported and helps me during the tour. Thanking you once again, best wishes to Sanyog! See you in Moscow on Monday.
With kind regards

Dear Radhey, good afternoon!
I would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the tour for our owner Spartak Gogiya! Today they are back to Moscow. They are very happy of their trip! Everything was perfect! They enjoyed every day of their trip! Hotel, beach and all the services were wonderful! All the guides and transfers were in time without any delay 1 minute. Especially THANK YOU for your warm home hospitality in Delhi!!!!!! I’m so happy to co-operate with so wonderful partner like you!!!! Hope to send you my new clients soon!
Warm regards, Elena Russia

Dear Mr. Radhey and Sanyog,
I once again would like to express my gratitude for a great organization of my Fam trip. I felt a special care and attention to me, your company‘s services are really high, personalized and after having seen India myself, I believe I will be able to promote it in the right way to our clients. I will come back to you with my requests for the programs will try to organize fixed date tours in cooperation with Finnair. Thank you once again and looking forward to our further cooperation. With best regards to your whole lovely family,
Kristina Jasudaitė,

Dear Radhey,
Hope you are feeling well. I just got a feedback from the customers Tolockovs: they are happy and want to visit Ananda again, and the program was very interesting and professional, and they enjoyed their visit to Sariska and they liked the services as well. Thank you and
best regards,
Irina Mishneva

Hello Radhey
Writes to you the family Rogov and Zyrianov from Russia. We have returned from holiday. It was our third travel on India. We want to tell many thanks for perfectly organized round. Are very grateful Chandan from Delhi. He is very good guide and well speaks on Russian; it was very pleasant for us to communicate with him. We have learned a lot of new and interesting, and have wonderfully spent.
With gratitude,
family Rogov and Zyrianov

Dear Khun Orapan
Namaste! Radhey
I already backed to Bangkok yesterday. I would like to give you some feedback as follows. Car is ok., small but clean. My driver/Mr.Santosh Kumar is good driver, friendly and pay attention to served me. My guide is good and good take care.
Best regards, Napat

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