May 23, 2018, 3:07 am

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  • North Reason

Personality Development Programs

Vedanta being the origin of all studies, our programs are based on Vedanta study and we aim :

To motivate students beyond simple knowledge acquisition toward continuous strengthening of specific skills and abilities known to be vital in the study place, workplace and life.

Bring interests and talents into sharper focus Direct students toward their goals, keying into the future demands of career life. Help build the confidence, competence and acumen that lead to a rewarding goal setting.

Fun n Learn Camps:

Our education is about discovering for oneself how to do something, rather than being told in the abstract.

Children and staff find themselves in situations that encourage this; the outdoors demands and encourages learning.

Camp is great fun, though at a practical level it can also be cold and wet, and is often dirty.

Despite this, many people camp again and again and again. Join us to find out why!

At camp we aim to teach ourselves how to live with independence and responsibility;
concern and care for ourselves, other people and the environment; resourcefulness and self-confidence; tolerance and respect.

We at iMEC India are determined that all people be treated equally regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion and disability.

These are high ideals – we don’t always succeed.

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