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Passport / Visa

PASSPORTS Validity till atleast three months beyond the tour dates is a must for every tourist coming to the Indian subcontinent.
VISA All tourists coming to India must possess a valid visa. Tourists traveling to any of our neighbouring countries must possess a multiple entry visa. It is advised that you should apply for the multiple entry visa only. Every tourist going to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and coming back to India or transiting through India must have multiple entry Visa. A visa for Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka can also be obtained at the port of entry.
Tibet: For tours booked by us and starting from Nepal, the entry visa is to be obtained in Kathmandu after the tour is booked. Chinese visa issued elsewhere is not valid.
Pre-payment with traveller details: Name, date of birth, passport no., nationality & profession must reach us 4 clear weeks before the beginning of the tour.

Bhutan: A Bhutan visa is issued at the port of entry only on payment of USD 20.00. Pre-payment with traveller’s details: Name, date of birth, passport no., nationality, profession and home address along with 2 passport size photographs must reach us 4 clear weeks before the beginning of the tour. We will procure your visa.
SPECIAL PERMITS: Tourists visiting restricted areas in lndia, Sikkim, Assam, the North Eastern states, Andamans and Lakshadweep islands, will require special “restricted- area permits” issued by the authorities in India. We will procure the same for you.

AIRPORT TAX : Payable at the time of international departure. To be paid in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh and Srilanka. They cost about USD 12 per person.
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