May 23, 2018, 3:01 am

Educational Tours India A+ A-

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India makes for a fabulous destination for educational tours for its rich historical, cultural, and religious past as well as its geographic diversity and wildlife. Educational Tours to India include historical and cultural tours, wildlife and birding tours, spiritual and pilgrimage tours, adventure sports tours, temple tours, and a host of other customizable tour educational tour packages.

Educational Tours to India encompass a wide range of subjects and packages that match the interests of individuals and groups alike. Besides the educational tours, the hotels and resorts in India also provide for entertainment and recreational facilities that are apt for group activities and come as a welcome diversion. Remember the saying all works and no play…

With Educational Tours to India, you can travel to the historical site and culturally rich destinations in India. Study the symmetry and intricate inlay work on the marble at Taj Mahal; gawk at the sculptures carved on the temple walls; or familiarize yourself with the different dynasties that ruled India with tours to the historical sites and monuments they commissioned.
Educational tours to Harappan and Mohenjodaro excavation sites enlighten you about Indus Valley Civilization; the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries make you aware of India’s natural heritage and importance of preserving it.
The Educational tours to pilgrimage destinations in India – be it churches, temples, mosques, Buddhist and Jain monasteries, or synagogues – lend a single voice to the plurality of religions in India.
Adventure tours into the ecological havens of India demand a respect for nature and a will to test the extent of your adventurous spirit. Learn anything from rock climbing, hang gliding, skiing, river rafting, and scuba diving to classical dances, Indian music, and street theatre on your Educational Tours to India.

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