May 23, 2018, 3:04 am

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  • North Reason

iMEC India Corporate training India division offers several “off-the-shelf” workshop packages for improving the quality of teaming and communications in your organization.

However we prefer to customize the training program as per your requirements.
Few ‘Off-the-shelf’ programs are as mentioned below:

Team management program India:
Building Great Teams is a critical skill that requires understanding of the different ways people operate and how to capitalize on these differences.

This program encompasses a group discussion and game playing sessions that help managers and leaders inculcate few qualities like:
• Inspire commitment,
• Overcome communications obstacles,
• Recognize the traits of successful teams and become more skilled in managing great groups.

Leaders and Communications
Your communications style may be influencing how well you can relate with your peers or your staff. Effective communications skills are critical to any manager’s success.
This program will bring you to a congenial platform.

Conflict Resolution
This one-day seminar is designed to explain the issues inherent in successful conflict resolution. Participants will explore the attitudes necessary to balance the tension between relationships and conflicts.Participants will enhance their understanding of the steps necessary to come to successful resolutions by overlaying a real conflict.

Leadership Training India
About Learning’s Leadership Training India can show corporate executives, human resource professionals, training directors and managers how to cultivate and shape the learning organization.

You’ll learn how to develop your employees, employ organizational skills more effectively, and establish and perpetuate a focus on learning. Specific topics include:

• Creating a learning perspective
• Developing and diversifying talent
• Enhancing communications and team effectiveness.

Training Modules include:
Power of Connections, A Model for Learning and Leading and Leadership Tasks and the Learning Organization.

Please write us for information on how to use these programs in your organization.

iMEC India has a network of outstanding presenters and speakers who are unequaled in their ability to conduct highly engaging and entertaining keynote sessions for a variety of corporate functions.

Topics include:
Creating a Learning Organization in India, Understanding Differences, Training Design and Development India, Leadership Styles India, How People Learn, Innovative Training Techniques.

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