May 23, 2018, 3:05 am

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Are you a cooking lover?  Cook during you tour to India!!

The finest of India’s cuisines are as rich and diverse as the country’s civilization! Indian cooking is a form of art that has flourished through generations purely by word of mouth. We provide you with a unique opportunity to step inside the kitchen and learn this age old art of Indian culinary delights.

The experienced chef and his assistants will share their trade secrets and give you some handy tips, whilst you observe them mastering their art. For those who are keen, you will be more than welcome to give it a shot and maybe make your own chapatti!

Indian cuisine is famous and relished all over the world and enjoys a reputation at par with other cuisines of the world. The culinary of Indian cuisine is a science, which has developed over thousands of years. The classic range of regional cuisines from North to South and East to West reflects the great size of India and its unparalled cultural heritage.

The Indian Cuisine in both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Indian food, has an unmatched charm because of the extravagant spices used in Indian Cuisine, thus India is better understood as“HOME OF THE CURRY & SPICES”. The art of preparing authentic Indian Food does not involve an overdose of spices, but the delicacy and mixing of right spices in right quantities.

India is a land of diverse religions, customs, festivals, culinary flavors and climatic conditions. Thus each part of India has added and enhanced the flavor of its dishes by blending spices, herbs and condiments to make the dish more exquisite, exotic and heavenly.
“To eat Indian food is to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, heart and soul as it satisfies your cravings for mouth-watering cuisine, indeed the India cuisine is a Universal Gastronomic Delight”

Tourists visiting India are puzzled by the vast size and population of India and of course the diversity of the culture and cuisine respective of each part of India. Tourists can enjoy and relish a hearty Indian meal, if they are guided well in hand. But the foreigners visiting India are generally served with dishes, which have been tailor-made to suit western taste buds, or they are offered dishes inappropriate to their tastes.

The food is either too hot or too rich and oily for them and sometimes the flavor of a dish is camouflaged by excessive use of spices by different restaurants or chefs, which they are unable to produce authentically true to its taste.

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