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Must See in India

Must See in India
Incredible India destinations– pay a visit for the experience of a lifetime ??India has always been popular among the spiritual seekers, scholars, travelers and explorers, since medieval times. The heritage and culture of this country goes beyond the physical aspects, entering in the land of dreamlike fantasy. Every pilgrimage, tourist spot and monuments of the country has folklore, tradition attached to it. Tourists around the globe really relish the exotic locations and kaleidoscopic view offered by India.

Extending from the sky high snow covered mountains in north to the three seas in south and lush green forests of east to arid deserts of west, India has been a hub of spectacular beaches, mountains, monuments, temples, landscapes and unmatched multiplicity of crafts, architecture and arts. We offer you the best of tourist packages for city tours, known tourist spots of the incredible land of India.  You can pick the following packages for a close rendezvous with the distinctive charm and aura of the place.

Dreamlike Experiences in Incredible India

Taj Mahal – Alluring World Heritage
The Mughal emperor named Akbar chose Agra as the capital city of Mughal Empire and had put base of the Agra fort made of red sandstone in 1565. Amar Singh Gate, Delhi Gate and Jehangiri Mahal are also some of the magnificent edifices from his time. Fatehpur Sikri which is built near this it is amongst the finest planned imperial cities of Mughal Empire. But there is no architectural heritage that can match the perfection and beauty of Taj Mahal. A crypt that was built by Shah Jehan, the emperor for his queen named Mumtaz Mahal. The beauty of Taj Mahal is enhanced by the landscapes, lovely motifs, perfect symmetry, fountains makes it worthy of being a part of seven wonders of world.

Khajuraho Temple Tour – Personification of Human Expressions
You can check out Khajuraho temples if you want to see India at its best. These wonder temples are enigmatically situated at the area surrounded by lush forests. These temples have given a place to the most erotic and appealing sculptures and carvings in the sacred precincts of the temples. The temples are considered as the architectural marvels that took 200years for getting built. These temples have attracted the controversies of explanations and controversies that have favored and criticized them. Besides all this also, Khajuraho Temples are captivating and interesting tourist locations that attract avid photographers, travel and cultural enthusiasts from around the globe.

Varanasi and the Holy Ganges
Situated on the sacred banks of River Ganga, Varanasi is believed to be three thousand years old. It was the settlement of Hinduism and was called Kashi in medieval times. It has a magical effect on the Hinduism enthusiasts and spiritual seekers; it reflects the faith of a lot of devotees who have a holy bath in the river Ganga. Ringing bells, chanting mantras, prayer ceremony, pleasant music from shells, lovely lamps have a mystical and mesmerizing effect on the visitors. The place is known for the beautifully crafted Benarasi sarees too. ??????

Tranquilizing Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is another magnificent place that offers stunning beauty to the tourists with natural landscapes. The backwaters can be enjoyed with the conventional houseboats called Kettuvallams. You can have a close tryst with the nature by a trip in these comfortable houseboats that have pleasing decors and provide meals on the deck. This lovely place also has quaint hill stations that are famous for gurgling waterfalls, incredible coffee and cardamom plants.

Amber Fort- Rajput Grandeur
Amber Fort is situated outside the Jaipur city and acts as a guard for the city. This place was ruled by Kachhwaha rulers till they shifted their base to Jaipur. The appealing red sandstones and white marbles of the place carved with exclusive motifs and architectural persona was residing place of the main queen of the Mughal emperor Akbar- Jodha Bai. There is royal grandeur of this fort that is added by the elephant ride and Maotha Lake. ???????

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